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Our aim is to provide the most innovative telecommunication solutions to solve our customer’s challenges at the very lowest total cost of ownership.

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Sample Project Summaries

 ATI –Middle East Locations

Installation of mass notification emergency systems on U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy bases.

 Aviat Networks:

Installation, turn-up and testing of licensed Microwave backhaul systems to support public safety emergency services communications systems

City of Virginia Beach, VA

City of Chesapeake, VA

Rutherford County,VA

Marathon Oil, Africa

 Boral – Plant Scherer – Juliette, GA

Installed concrete pipe supports on an existing coal-fired power plant and installed a new silo foundation for fly-ash.

 Commdex – Queen Anne, Maryland

Inspected and mapped four (4) public safety communications towers.

 Commdex – Maryland Department of Transportation

Inspected and enhanced grounding to Motorola R56 specifications.

 Duke Energy (Progress Energy):  NC, SC, & FL

Tower and facility upgrade and tower inspection project across entire service area (3 states) in preparation for the construction of a 900 MHz communication system on Progress Energy owned towers. Engineered physical upgrade to tower structure, upgrade and/or expansion of existing buildings to include new emergency call center for the power company.  The upgrade of all the electrical requirements and grounding systems at all facilities. Generally bring sites up to new standard. The tower upgrade project lasted approximately two years.

 Gwinnett County, Georgia

Inspection and site safety audits for ten (10) public safety communications towers and shelters, for state and local safety and FAA/FCC regulatory compliance as well as ensuring satisfactory technical performance of LMR systems.

 Motorola - Georgia

Gwinnett County Lighting Project. This project included the retrofitting and installation of new high intensity lighting systems on four county towers.

 Motorola - Federal

Communications upgrade to US military installations located in Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. MCI installed LMR radio systems, backhaul connectivity and grounding and electrical upgrades.

 Motorola - Onslow County, North Carolina

Onslow County raw land tower sites (3) had 300’ self-support towers structurally designed for the high winds and adverse weather conditions typical of the North Carolina coastline.  The foundations were all drilled caisson designs ranging in size up to 85’ in depth and 7’ diameter piers.  Extremely wet site conditions contributed to the challenges with the foundation and site installation.

 Motorola - State of Alaska

ALMR project:  In conjunction with the Federal Division of Motorola, the State of Alaska, & Homeland Security. The Scope of Work included the upgrading of the State’s existing communications infrastructure, as well as the installation of new sites which were to be built on several military bases. The complete renovation of several existing communication centers & construction of new switch & communication centers. This project also includes new microwave connectivity around the state along with the new construction of the support structures.

 Norfolk Southern- Sydney, IL and Hagerstown, MD

Excavated and expanded foundation foot prints as well as upgraded tower structure to accommodate increased tower loading.

 North Fulton Regional Radio System Authority, Georgia

The scope of work included site development for nine (9) sites with three (3) raw land developments and six colocations for the public safety communications network in the northern Atlanta metropolitan area. This project include civil and tower components.

 State of North Carolina

Viper Project:  North Carolina State Highway Patrol and Homeland Security along with various local city and county law enforcement and emergency management systems.  This project consists of building a State Wide Communications System that has upgraded interoperability. We were responsible for the installation of all new equipment and antenna systems on existing sites as well as the upgrades to existing properties. The construction of new facilities, new roads, parking areas, and security fencing were included in the overall project.  Midland also provided for the upgrading of electrical and structural components to existing 911 facilities and dispatch centers along with tower modifications including foundations, structural steel and guy wire upgrades for Rev G and structural analysis as required.

 Southern Company: Georgia Power

We continue to this day as a contractor involved in the ongoing construction of new facilities as well as maintenance and upgrades to existing structures & facilities.   

 Western Farmer’s Electric Co-op/Acciona Windfarm

Midland participated in the design, installation, and integration of the microwave backbone to support the Anadarko Windfarm in western Oklahoma.  MCI provided support and consultation for the meteorological tower network for the windfarm.